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case studies development

In-depth case studies and first results

PARTISPACE has just entered the third year of its runtime. The end of the second year was marked by the production of reports for all 8 cities covered by the project. The reports for the first time drew together the results of 6 in-depth case studies on young people’s engagements per city. Here is a short summary of preliminary findings from these in-depth case studies.
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picture the sprayer group

Exploring action-research

Frankfurt “Sprayer” Group

The “sprayers” are an informal group who emerged from the shared youth cultural interest in doing graffiti. Basically, the core group consists of six young men in the age of 20 years up to mid-twenties. All of them are involved in work, apprenticeship or studies and are therefore only able to meet at the weekends. Graffiti is often perceived as vandalism, but for the graffiti sprayers it is a form of participation.

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