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Many say that young people do not participate enough in society - or not in the right way?

According to the Partispace project this observation starts from a too narrow understanding of participation that does not take into account what is important for young people.

We therefore ask where young people participate because we think that it may happen in other places than expected by adults and institutions.

We ask how they participate because we think that there are many other forms than voting, being members of associations or involvement in youth councils.

And we want to understand what participation means for young people.

What do they think from official possibilities of participation and what activities are really relevant for them? 


News from the project

video Ilaria Pitti

Presentation of the main findings of the case studies in Bologna

You want to know more about the main findings of the case studies in Bologna?

Watch the video clip of Ilaria Pitti, post doc fellow at the University of Bologna (Italy)

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Focus on action research: projects in Eskişehir

The PARTISPACE team in Turkey has conducted two action research projects with young people in Eskişehir.

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picture video clip frankfurt sprayers

Focus on action-research: project in Frankfurt

“Grey or colourful?”

The Graffiti Crew is one Case Study of the Frankfurt Team and was involved in an action research project.

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picture fabrique plurielle

Focus on action-research: project in Rennes


Fabrique Plurielle

Fabrique Plurielle is a recent association created in April 2017 by 5 young people. The aim is to host migrants in the department of “Ille et Vilaine” and to promote social ties through different forms, between migrants themselves and between migrants and inhabitants of the territory.

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case studies development

In-depth case studies and first results

PARTISPACE has just entered the third year of its runtime. The end of the second year was marked by the production of reports for all 8 cities covered by the project. The reports for the first time drew together the results of 6 in-depth case studies on young people's engagements per city. Here is a short summary of preliminary findings from these in-depth case studies.

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Past events


partispace group picture at Bologna

5th Consortium meeting in Bologna, 9-12th May 2017

From 9th to 12th May 2017, the fifth consortium meeting of Partispace took place in Bologna, one of the 8 major European cities where the fieldwork of the project is carried out. The department of educational sciences of the University of Bologna was welcoming the meeting which is marking the start of the third year of PARTISPACE project.

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Partispace partners at Làbas

On 10th May 2017, in the frame of the 5th consortium meeting in Bologna, partners had the opportunity to visit a self-managed social center called Làbas.

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Catch-EyoU logo

Meeting with "twin" H2020 project CATCH-EyoU

"Constructing AcTive CitizensHip with European Youth" or short: CATCH-EyoU is the title of a Horizon 2020 project funded under the same heading as PARTISPACE.

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Dynamo International, Brussels, 21st May 2017

Work with young women through forms of street work and the role of youth work, street work, social work, and socio-cultural animation

On May 21st 2017 Janet Batsleer was a key note speaker at an event organised by Activist Childcare in Brussels.  The event was organised alongside the organisation for street workers based in Brussels, Dynamo International to launch a new publication: ‘Filles et autre minorise- e-s. Les jeunes commes les autres? Vers un travail de jeunesse accessible à tou-te-s’ 

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Forthcoming events

events picture

British Sociological Association conference, 8th June 2017

“Researching youth in troubling times: mess, method and ethical puzzles”, forms of socio-accompaniment in participation and ethnography.

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who runs the world

Presentation at Senate House London: ‘Who Runs the World? Girls Leadership and Celebrity’

On 16th June 2017, Janet Batsleer and Grainne Mc Mahon will draw part on the findings of PARTISPACE to discuss ‘Girls,’Leaning In’ and Faux Empowerment'

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picture ethno research and arts practionners

Conferences hosted by the Journal Education and Ethnography

In June 2017, Porto (Portugal) and September 2017, Oxford (UK), Geoff Bright, Harriet Rowley and Janet Batsleer will be speaking at conferences hosted by the Journal Education and Ethnography

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AFSP picture

Presentation at the 14th Congress of the French Association of Political Sciences (AFSP)

From 10th to 12th July 2017 at the University of Montpellier (France) Patricia Loncle (EHESP, CRAPE/Arènes) and Céline Martin (Université de Cergy-Pontoise, EMA) will present partial findings from PARTISPACE research atthe 14th Congress of the French Association of Political Sciences (AFSP).

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amiens congress

Presentation at the 7th Congress of the French Association of Sociology

From 3th to 6th July 2017, at the University of Amiens (France), Céline Martin (Université de Cergy-Pontoise, EMA) will make a presentation entitled “Empowerment of young adults at what conditions” based on partial results from PARTISPACE project in the framework of the thematic session: «Power of young people, power on young people ». Find out more information about the Congress here

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Last publications

The functions of social reproduction filled by the Salafist movement

In June 2017, Sami Zegnani, Senior lecturer at Université of Rennes 1 (France), published an article based on Partispace fieldwork, entitled "The functions of social reproduction filled by the Salafist movement" in the journal "le sociographe" Vol 2, n°58, 2017. "What are the functions of social reproduction filled by the Salafist movement? The goal of this article is to establish analogies …

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Forthcoming publications

New Forms of Solidarity Among and for Young People: An Ethnography of Youth Participation in Italy

Alessandro Martelli, Nicola Da Luigi and Ilaria Pitti have written a chapter based on the data collected within PARTISPACE titled "New Forms of Solidarity Among and for Young People: An Ethnography of Youth Participation in Italy" for the book "Young People Re-Generating Politics in Times of Crises" edited by Sarah Pickard and Judith Bessant. The book will be out in July …

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Suburban dreams: About youth, exclusion and the will to be included

Zulmir Becevic PhD in Childhood Studies, lecturer and researcher at the Department of Social Work, University of Gothenburg will be co-authoring a book chapter in an antology on youth and urban exclusion, using Partispace data from the fieldwork in Gothenburg. The book title will be "Suburban dreams: About youth, exclusion and the will to be included" in Swedish "Förortsdrömmar: Om …

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Diverse Young Lives in Manchester: Insights from the Mapping phase of the Partispace Project

Janet Batsleer has been asked to write for a University ‘public engagement’ online magazine about the local findings from Partispace in the context of the recent terrorist attack in Manchester.

Diverse Young Lives in Manchester: Insights from the Mapping phase of the Partispace Project

Since 2015 a group of academics based in the Faculty of Education at MMU have been part of  a Europe wide team researching young people’s participation in democratic and cultural life in eight European cities (www,partispace.eu).  Manchester is one of them.   Drawing on information provided for the European City of Youth Bid, we have framed our study within the following factual information concerning the position of young people in the City of Manchester, much of which was originally extrapolated from sources such as the 2011 Census,  and the Greater Manchester Poverty Commission.

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The partispace consortium partners


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