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Working papers

Here, you can find reports and working papers produced throughout the research process of PARTISPACE:

Andersson, B., Cuconato, M., De Luigi, N., Demozzi, S., Forkby, T., Ilardo, M., Martelli, A., Pitti, I., Tuorto, D. & Zannoni, F. (2016): National Contexts of Youth Participation. Comparative Report. PARTISPACE Deliverable 2.2. Zenodo. Download here: 10.5281/zenodo.48113

Batsleer, J., Ehrensperger, K., Lüküslü, F., Osmanoğlu, B., Pais, A., Reutlinger, C., Roth, P., Wigger, A. & Zimmermann, D. (2017): Claiming spaces and struggling for recognition. Comparative Case Study Report. PARTISPACE Deliverable 4.3. Zenodo.Download here: 10.5281/zenodo.1064119

Lüküslü, D., Pais, A., Tuorto, D., Walther, A. & Loncle, P. (2018) Local constellations of youth participation in compartative perspective. PARTISPACE Deliverable D 6.1. Zenodo. Download here 10.5281/zenodo.1240191

Zimmermann, D., Andersson, B., De Luigi, N., Piro, V. & Reutlinger, C. (2018). A Place in Public: Spatial Dynamics of Youth Participation in Eight European Cities. Partispace Deliverable 6.2. Zenodo. Download here 10.5281/zenodo.1240165

Cuconato, M., McMahon, G., Becquet, V., Ilardo, M., Liljeholm Hansson, S., Lüt-gens, J. & von Schwanenflügel, L. (2018) Biographies of young people’s participation in eight European cities. Partispace Deliverable D 6.2. Zenodo. Download here 10.5281/zenodo.1240170

Rowley, H., Pitti, I., Mengilli, Y., Becevic., Z., Martelli, A., Martin, C., Osmanoglu, B., Percy-Smith, B. & Popivanov, B. (2018) Styles: Young people’s participation as lived practice. PARTISPACE Deliverable D6.3. Download here 10.5281/zenodo.1240198

McMahon, G., Percy-Smith, B., Thomas, N., Becevic, Z., Liljeholm Hansson, S. & Forkby, T. (2018) Young people’s participation: learning from action research in eight European cities. Partispace Deliverable D 5.3. Download here 10.5281/zenodo.1240227

The working paper “Re-Thinking Youth Participation” draws the different thematic perspectives together and summaries the contributions of the PARTISPACE for a better theoretical understanding of youth participation and for adequate support through policy and practice. Partispace (2018): Re-Thinking Youth Participation – contributions of PARTISPACE. Available for download here  

All of our papers are listed on the OpenAire platform.