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2nd Consortium meeting in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The 2nd consortium meeting of the project was held in Plovdiv from 10th to 14th November 2015 at the New Europe Center for Regional Studies in Bulgaria.

The 10 partners were gathered to discuss and review key project aims and objectives based on the project time schedule.

The meeting tended to present the work done so far by Work Packages, achievements, difficulties, open questions, methodology used for the implementation of the project objectives.

In October 2015, research teams started the local cases studies phase (WP4). The meeting was the opportunity to discuss and share ideas on the 8 national sampling plans, the mapping process and the selection criteria. At least 3 expert interviews and 3 group discussions were conducted in each partners city.

Furthermore, 2 city walks with young people were organised in the 12th evening. The aim was to show to researchers, what were for them significant spaces of participation in Plovdiv. Researchers were splited in two groups so as to visit the different sites with young people.

Group picture of participants