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Demonstration in solidarity with Làbas social centre

Saturday 9th September 2017, more than 10.000 people arriving from all over Italy have gathered in the streets of Bologna for a demonstration in solidarity with Làbas and, more generally, to express their idea of city and participation. The presence of young people was impressive, but people of every age have taken part to a huge parade that has “occupied” and coloured the city centre.

The demonstration was announced the day after the eviction and was aimed at asking the Municipality to find a solution for Làbas.

The great participation to this event has eased the restart of the negotiations with the local institutions and the prefecture and a positive solution for Làbas seems now nearer: the local administration has formally committed itself to grant the social centre with a new space where to carry on the many activities already undertaken. This should happen within the next two months.

This change will imply many opportunities, but also different challenges for young people. However, they have fully demonstrated to be equipped to change the world around them.