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Focus on the space analysis

Since space is at the heart of the PARTISPACE project, the thematic group space has a great amount of empirical data at its disposal. The group is working to develop an analytical framework that contains different concepts useful for a spatial understanding of youth participation.

Reflection springs from two main research questions. The first one focuses on how young people make use of different spaces in the city. This investigation is based on the micro-level and is centered on spatial practices. These are practices related to the appropriation of spaces, places and/or territories in the city by young people. Within this topic, it seems to be relevant to stress also the sensorial aspects of these embodied practices.

The second research question concerns how the spatial practices connect young people to the city. This is a discussion on a more general and abstract level where the group of researchers explores spatial imaginaries, that is how young people imagine or – more specifically – represent their cities including their and other people’s place(s) in urban spaces. They are using examples from all eight cities involved in the project and link them to one another by constructing a ‘topography’ of young people’s participatory practices. ​