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The Tallinn Youth Space, Estonia

In August 2016, Barry Percy-Smith participated in the Tallinn Youth Space, Estonia.

Picture of the Tallinn-youth-space

This picture show a public space on the edge of the city of Tallinn in Estonia by the waterfront. The setting is a decaying concrete structure built as part of the Olympic Games in 1980.

This is a public space but dominated in its use by young people as a place to hang out and chill. This is also a place to meet in the evening before going out in town. According to these young people, the value of this place is just having a place to go and chill without hassle. It is a place to come and think when they have problems and enjoy being by the sea.

But it is also a place to just come and meet and find out what’s going on. Is their use of this place like in some way young people having a voice in the city? They don’t think so, just a place to come and chill.