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When young people take their difficulties as opportunities

Portrait of Tandem mentor for employment; a non-governmental organisation located in Rennes, France.

Tandem, mentor for the employment, was officially created in February 2014. It is a citizens’ response to the socio-professional difficulties of integration met by young graduates. Considered autonomous and sufficiently strong equipped to look for a job, they are however increasingly and often alone facing well-known problems related to unemployment.

Antoine Yon, initiator of the project, and Benoit Connan launched the movement. Concerned about giving a real collective dimension to the project, they were quickly joined by others. Today, about a hundred people are involved in the activities of Tandem. The implementation of a mentoring action is one of the proposed measures. The idea is to connect a recent graduate looking for a job with an active professional in this same area of research. More than a technical support, it is a moral support. There is a great need to breathe humanity into the labour market, which is often very impersonal, where looking for a job involves a massive sending of applications via the Internet. To encourage the building of links, concrete and living actions. Break the isolation. Restore confidence. This is Tandem’s aspiration. The idea of mentoring, even beyond finding a job, must make it possible to avoid this chain of circumstances. Alongside this action, the organisation facilitates different collective practices: workshops for godchildren, community cafes, sharing of practices for godfathers and godmothers, so many meetings which also aim to develop links and exchanges.

In order to question government authorities and institutions about the situation, Tandem has decided in 2016 to realize a web documentary.

Watch an extract of the subtitled video « Baccalaureat + nothing » here

Partispace French team was glad to welcome Tandem organization in the frame of a seminar organized by the Chair of Youth Research at the French School of Public Health in Rennes.

The main objectives of the documentary project called « Baccalaureat + nothing » are the following:

  • Showing the difficulties met by young people graduates in their socio-professional insertion and question public institutions.
  • Allowing young people to express themselves on these topics
  • Creating a debate and some reflections about these issues

More information about Tandem here