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Focus on action research: project in Rennes

Fabrique Plurielle is a recent association created in April 2017 by 5 young people. The aim is to host migrants in the department of “Ille et Vilaine” and to promote social ties through different forms, between migrants themselves and between migrants and inhabitants of the territory.

fabrique pluriel logoThe association is working on bio-psycho-social well-being, self-esteem, assertiveness, meeting between different actors, cohesion, social inclusion and appropriation of space and territory. The idea is to propose to migrants, a parkour of artistic and participative workshop. In this perspective, the association hosts and supports individuals by offering them a space of conviviality, appropriate of each of them, in the respect of their singular and personal story. Fabrique Plurielle truly promotes the “living together”, the awareness, the tolerance and the fight against discrimination. The association is opened to everyone who wants to discover values and shares know-how. Migrants will be able to highly participate in the process by making proposals at the end of the parkour.

At the moment, Fabrique Plurielle is looking for a place to implement their activities and recently launched a crowdfunding project to raise funding and start their activities. To support them, have a look here!

The leaders of the association were already familiar with the French team of researchers, especially Patricia Loncle and Céline Martin for their involvement in the association “D’ici ou d’ailleurs”, one of the French case studies. They get into contact with both of them for their expertise, particularly in the context of the production of a diagnosis about welcoming and care structures for migrants in Rennes. The idea is for the association to propose activities meeting the needs of the territory.